The basic range of products of JSC «BZAL":

metal cutting and special aggregates, including reconfigurable;

Special lathe machines, including CNC machining parts for the cartridge;


line circuit;

normalized units: drilling,boring, milling machine tool headstock, quill head, tables of power, turning tables, spindle boxes, etc.;

equipment for the cable industry;non-standard equipment.On specific request of customers we manufacture and supply a special cutting equipment for multistage machining of virtually all shapes in a wide range of sizes, with the implementation of all requirements for performance, accuracy and perenalazhivaemosti.After receiving the applications, and the subsequent study we provide the terms of reference and the draft contract.In our projects, we use different types of elements of control systems, hydraulic, pneumatic, including imports, as well as high-precision linear guide bearings, ball screws, precision spindle assemblies and other machine tool elements and original design that allows the complex to ensure high requirements for performance, reliability, and accuracy.