During the work of " BZAL " has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of automatic lines for machining various parts (like in size and in functions ) for the mass production of enterprises . Automatic lines are composed of a modular , special , and from the lathe that allows the processing of parts such as bodies of revolution .

At customer's request can be equipped with automatic production lines as tough mezhstanochnym transport and transport -fabrication with drives , manipulators for loading / unloading of workpieces and other transportation systems . If necessary , for the treatment of complex parts with high volume machining, designed and manufactured systems, including several automatic production lines , the entire technological cycle parts.

If necessary , to ensure that all types of treatment available Retrofitting of equipment from other manufacturers.

Currently, many enterprises in the technical re- seek to maximize mechanize and automate production processes . To do this, we are ready to offer technological systems that allow not only to replace the hard work , but also greatly enhance the productivity and quality of products, which excludes the human factor.

To order a transfer lines ( complex equipment ) , we need an application indicating the workpiece ( a drawing or sketch of operating ) , or desired technology process, the required performance and operating conditions. On the basis of the submissions of our specialists will work for you techno-commercial offer . If the offer is large enough, we are ready to enter into a contract for the supply . The standard period of design and manufacture of automatic lines - 12 months , depending on the complexity of the equipment.

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SET OF EQUIPMENT FOR tattoos sleepers MOD. BP458

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