To shorten the design and manufacture of modular machine tools widely adopted standardized components . JSC " BZAL " mastered the production of virtually gamma power tables ( electromechanical and hydraulic ) , spindles , rotary tables , unified delitelnyh.Krome may design and manufacture of multi-spindle original boxes ( including rotary ) for the repair and modernization of the aggregate and special machines , power table with parameters that satisfy customer requirements , pintle attendants and dr.S basic specifications for standardized components produced by our factory are available nizhe.Dlya exceptions confusion when ordering unified and original units , please contact our specialists who will provide expert assistance in selecting performance and desired configuration. 

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 Machine tool assembly

Hydraulic tables

Rotary indexing tables, hydraulic

Rotary electromechanical power

Machine tool headstock

Dibs boring

Drill machine

Milling arm