Much attention of "BZAL" gives the design and manufacture of non-standard equipment. The main consumer of such products is the Belarusian Railways, as well as cable companies promyshlennosti.Tak for Belarusian Railways is designed and delivered more than 400 items of optional equipment (a list of them is given below.) Each product (stands, tools for disassembly-assembly of products, transportation systems and etc.) is designed and manufactured to specific customer requests. In addition to the manufacture of non-standard equipment for documentation of its own design, we are ready to manufacture any product documentation Zakazchika.Po all issues relating to the order of nodes can be accessed by calling:

For any questions concerning can be accessed by calling:

(+375 163) 49-10-73 - Chief Designer

(+375 163) 49-11-71, 49-12-00 - Bureau of market

Fax: ( +375 163) 67-20-48, 49-13-29

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The equipment list for the w / e

The list of optional equipment manufactured by JSC "BZAL" for Belarusian Railways



The position of disassembly and assembly of motor bogies frames БП 007
Tilter cores traction motors БП 008
Tilter cores (horizontal to vertical position) БП 009
The position of the assembly and disassembly of frames trailer trucks БП 010
Install anchors for impregnation by dipping БП 012
Tilter fazoraschepitelya БП 013
Truck transport handling anchors БП 014
Trolley for lifting and transport cores БП 015
Transport trolley for transport anchors БП 016
Transport trolley for transportation of parts and components БП 017
Truck tilt-and- transport supply anchors and skeletons in the chamber for blowing БП 018
Tilt-and- transport trolley for transport anchors and skeletons in the chamber for painting БП 019
Blowing chamber for electric cars БП 020
Bending machine of retaining ring БП 022
The motor-compressor БП 023
Press Bearing pulling out boards БП 024
Tool for removing friction devices БП 025
Semi-automatic stripping lines БП 027.300
Machine for removing wedges anchors TED БП 028
Device for cutting seams BP БП 029
Apparatus for cutting billets retaining rings БП 030
Electric brand BH 14-54 , 14-55 BH БП 031
Device for the breakup of wheelsets БП 032.300
Housing device for boring cores БП 034.410
Stove correct БП 047
Apparatus for cutting billets retaining rings БП 049
Transport trolley Q = 2 m БП 050.600
Transport trolley Q = 3 m БП 051.600
Trolley transfer БП 052
Transport trolley БП 053
TED stands БП 056
TED fence to check the insulation strength БП 057
Tilter transformer БП 058
Drive anchors with fencing checklist item BIL БП 059
Fencing to drive the lifting and transport trolley BP 015 БП 060
Stand the anchor TED with an electromechanical drive БП 063
Tilter anchor for inspection БП 064
Machine tool for cutting wedge anchors textolite БП 065
Installation for precipitation winding grooves anchor БП 066
Machine for winding insulation БП 067
Device for precipitation of retaining ring БП 068
Tilter wheelsets БП 069
The mechanism for removing bushings on the frame motor bogie БП 073
Stand for testing wheelsets БП 077
Press fitting and removing bearings shields БП 091
Tool for stripping roller ends БП 092
Device for cleaning the side surfaces of the rollers БП 093
Tool for stripping bearing rings БП 094
Apparatus for fitting and removing roller bearing axle boxes of shells БП 096
Hoist the wheelsets БП 097
Turntable wheelset 90 ° БП 098
Stand for disassembly , assembly and testing of Triangel wagons БП 099
Buksosemnik БП 101
The rotary mechanism of wheel sets for 180 ° БП 102
Conveyor podkatki and rollout carts БП 104
Tilter for bins ( at 90 °) БП 105
Self-propelled machine for removing the automatic coupling БП 106
Tilter side bogie frame БП 107
Tilter bolster БП 108
Table welder БП 109
Brake equipment transporter БП 110
Transporter БП 111
Rotation mechanism and ejecting wheelset БП 112
Press to edit hatches БП 113
Lift ( for enclosures boxes) БП 115
Up-and- rotator 180 ° БП 116
Moving conveyor wheel sets БП 117
Relsosmazyvatel БП125-760
Apparatus for filling and discharge of cooling water from the diesel БП 126
Installation for the supply of locomotives axial oil БП 127
Stand for disassembly and assembly of KMB TEP60 , TEP70 БП 128
Stand for running KMB TEP60 , TEP70 БП 129
Transfer bridge БП 129-011
Stand the wheel set БП 129-501
Device for draining and refilling the cooling water БП 130
Setting the scroll wheel sets without the rollout БП 131
Capacity for the STP БП 134
Device for draining and filling of oil БП 135
Device for draining and filling of oil БП 136
Cabinet manufacturing БП 139
Tilter gear diesel 2280х960х450 БП 144
Tilter volumetric supercharger 1840×990×780 БП 145
Tilter assembly kits 2960×790×950 БП 146
Tilter turbocharger CTK 1800×1060×900 БП 147
Tilter for repair of heat exchangers БП 148
Tilter sections refrigerator M62 БП 149
Tilter compressor БП 153
The position of the design and assembly of KMB БП 154
Installation kit KMB БП 155
Jack to support the engine during disassembly and assembly of bogies БП 156
Vypressovschik 10 t БП 157
Press removing bushes rods БП 158
Steering gear wheel pairs at 180 ° БП 159
Roller conveyor drive БП 160
Press Bearing pulling БП 161
Press for dismantling the pistons БП 162
Stand for inspection crankshaft БП 163
Workplace for the repair hydropushers БП 164
Stand for the inspection of wheel sets БП 165
Stand for testing of piston rings БП 166
Stand cleaning valves БП 167
Hydraulic press БП 169
Stand for repair turbocharger rotors 4TK БП 171
Stand for turning compressors БП 172
Stand for testing of valves БП 174
Installation for washing and pressing sections of the refrigerator БП 176
Cassette transport sections refrigerator БП 177
The mobile platform to enter the locomotive БП 178
Stand the bogie frames БП 179
Cassette  БП 182
Stand for GG БП 184
Stand Anchor GG БП 185
Cassette sets 920×1220×750 БП 187
Tray for cylinder liners БП 188
Rack for water and oil pumps БП 189
Stand -fuel heater repair БП 190
Bath hardening of the water БП 191
Stand the equipment БП 192
Stand the exhaust manifold БП 193
Workplace for the repair of mufflers БП 194
Box of rags БП 195
Bath pug БП 196
The production line covers cylinder repair БП 197
Cassette transport sections БП 204
Stand the bogie frames БП 206
Rack parts of spring suspension БП 207
Table for electric welding power supply БП 208
A container for gear housings БП 209
Cassette БП 210
Tray pistons БП 211
Support for storing Books БП 212
Storage cupboard paints БП 213
The frame diesel БП 214
Stand the unit diesel БП 215
Rotary table for inspection Books БП 216
Tilter stand БП 218
Jack to support the traction motors for disassembly and assembly of bogies БП 219
Stand for valve grinding БП 220
Stand stripper seat in the valve boxes БП 221
Stand for crimping caps БП 222
Universal Stand for decompression valve springs БП 223
Machine tool for cutting collectors БП 224
Stand for disassembly and assembly of the connecting rod and piston БП 225
Press removing finger БП 226
Tool for removing bushes rods БП 227
Press Bearing pulling from the housing БП 229
Conveyor for moving the units to paint БП 230
Stand for disassembly of bearings БП 231
Stand for the inspection of wheel sets БП 233
Stand for inspection crankshaft БП 234
Stand for running water pumps БП 235
Stand for crimping washing sections refrigerator БП 236
Stand for disassembly , assembly and pressure testing exhaust manifolds БП 237
Workplace for control rod and the piston БП 238
Tool for testing tightness and liner БП 239
Stand A survey of piston rings БП 240
Workplace measurement of clearances and marking БП241
Stand for crimping cylinder valve boxes and kits БП242
Rack blinds fridge БП243
Rack crankshaft БП244
Support for housing repairs БП245
Rack rotor blower БП247
Trolley traveling for painting large parts БП248
Rack exhaust manifolds БП249
Stavlyuga БП250
Rack for the timing БП251
Tilter turbocharger БП252
Tilter air- TEP 70 БП253
Tilting device for assembling and disassembling the gearbox БП254
Tilter for repair of heat exchangers БП255
Tilter Timing БП256
Tilter connecting rod and piston БП257
Stand for hydraulic testing БП258
Stand for vertical transmission repair diesel 10D100 БП259
Tilter bogie frame when assembling БП261
Tilter unit diesel БП262
Specialized job to repair water and oil pumps БП 265
The moving locomotives БП270
Press to edit the mobile manhole covers on the car БП290
Pneumatic press for straightening hatches and doors open wagon БП291
Stand for assembly sill with an I-beam deflection and prior БП301
Stand for running water pumps БП309
Apparatus for dispensing and crimping pipes БП312
Tilter Two-machine units A- BP314 БП314
Camera blower traction motors and generators БП317
Tilter monoblock engine M756 and M756B БП318
Apparatus for compressing and absorbing devices change БП321
Tilter traction motors TED - 118A БП323
Rack cylinder covers 2Е0197.00.000
Table of caps and liners 2Е0198.00.000
Table of caps and liners 2Е0199.00.000
Section rack 1500*300*600 2Е0200.00.000
Rack parts and components 900*350*2000 2Е0201.00.000
Shelf- stand 1250*750*300 2Е0202.00.000
Rack exhaust manifolds 1600*800*900 2Е0203.00.000
Rack switchgear . mechanism 2Е0204.00.000
Storage rack bearing 2Е0205.00.000
Rack driveshafts 2Е0206.00.000
Table assembly cylinder heads with bush 2310*1100*750 2Е0207.00.000
Rack exchangers 2Е0208.00.000
Rack bulk blowers 2Е0209.00.000
Rack turbine turbocharger 2Е0210.00.000
Table soldering N = 1kW 2Е0211.00.000
Trolley brake devices 1Е0562.00.000
The mobile platform with a limitation for working at height 2Е.0063.00.000
Cassette transport corps coupler 2Е0190.00.000
Cassette transport roller axle boxes 2Е0189.00.000
Cassette transport bearing 2Е0188.00.000
Trolley roller bearing axle boxes 1Е0566.00.000
Stand for testing 1st TED БП324
Bath soldering tips БП326
Tool for stripping wires БП327
Tool kit for hanging wheel diesel locomotives БП328
Stand for running KMB БП329
Camera blower БП330
Reception table with tool boxes БП331
Nightstand tool БП332
Nightstand machinist БП333
Cabinet installer БП334
Apparatus for compressing friction devices БП341
Press БП342
Device for tightness liner diesel БП343
Installation verification breaking stone БП344
Setting Run- hydro-mechanical gear БП345
Set of equipment for cutting, bending and precipitation retaining rings БП346
Press screw two БП349
Tilter locomotive bogie frame VL80S БП350
Tilter locomotive bogie frame ES - 4t БП351
Apparatus for compressing and changing the friction devices БП352
Stand for running water pumps, diesel engines 10D100 , 2D100 БП359
Trolley metal parts for BP370 БП370
Hydro - electric and stand the test jack БП372
Installation , pressed fitting bolt gear wheel pair TEP70 БП373
Apparatus for removing friction devices and pulling faces БП374
Stand for valve grinding БП396
Stand for cleaning saddles БП397
Stand for disassembly and assembly of rods БП398
Tool for removing bushes rods БП399
Stand for running the water pump БП400
Tool for testing tightness liners БП401
Tilter turbocharger БП402
Tilter charge air cooler БП403
tilter БП404
Tilter Timing БП405
Press removing fingers БП406
Double wardrobe БП407
Blinker -lift wheel sets 180 ° and 90 ° БП408
Blinker -lift wheel set to 90 БП409
Rack carousel БП411
Apparatus for compressing and absorbing devices change БП413
Blinker -lift 180 ° БП414
Hydraulic press БП415
Wardrobe production БП416

Wardrobe production BP416
Transborder truck to swap wheelsets on a parallel path

Pulling device BP420 БП420
Device for removal of absorbing devices БП421
Turntable for rotating trolleys at 90 ° БП422
Hydraulic press for removing iron-graphite - fitting sleeves БП423
Single Column Hydraulic press with a force of 40 tons БП424
Installation for disassembly-assembly absorbing devices of all types БП425
Tube bending machine (roller ) БП426
Tube bending machine ( plunger ) БП427
Stand for control and sorting spring spring group carts modes. 18-100 БП428
Tilter for disassembly-assembly of traction motors БП429
Tool for stripping roller bearing axle boxes БП430
Tool for stripping inner and outer ring roller bearings БП431
Camera blower filter БП432
The moving cars БП433
Stand for running water pumps diesel CME 3 БП434
A set of equipment for cutting ties БП435
The production line covers repair cylinder БП440
Tilter for repair tray diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП441
Press for pressing an - press- cylinder water jacket sleeve БП442
Stand for pressure testing of the cylinder with the cylinder sleeve assembly БП443
Turner kit diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП444
Press fitting piston pin БП445
Stand for inspection of piston rings БП446
Tilter for repair charge air cooler БП447
Tilter drive pumps БП448
Extrusion Press - fitting flame tubes diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП449
Tilter for repair of diesel exhaust manifold 5 - 26DG -01 БП450
Stand the exhaust manifolds БП451
Table Repair rods diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП452
Table for the repair of diesel pistons 5 - 26DG -01 БП453
Tilter cores turbo diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП454
Stand for running water pumps, diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП455
Apparatus for removing and placing absorbing devices БП457
Tilter spacers turbo diesel 5 - 26DG -01 with the rotor БП459
Tilter oil pump БП460
Tilter locomotive bogie frame M62, 2M62 БП461
Tilter unit diesel 5 - 26DG -01 БП462
Stand for crimping cylinder heads engine 14D40 БП472
Press for pressing slings БП473
Capacity for OSB heated БП475
Skatopodemnik rack БП476
Chamber for blowing the main generator , a heat engine and auxiliary machinery БП477
Apparatus for cutting wedges textolite БП478
Tool boxes 1500х600х1800 БП479
Nightstand tool БП480
Trolley traveling 800х600х1200 БП481
Trolley for transportation of aggregates 1200х800х440 БП482
Tank cleaning material БП483
The waste grease БП484
Capacity for the axial oil БП485
Capacity for filling and draining the diesel cooling water БП486
Storage Rack axes БП487
Service platform overhang locomotives БП488
Mechanized stand - storage rack slings БП489
Rack parts and components БП490
Capacity sockets, metal БП491
Locksmith cabinets with lockable cell БП492
Stand for storage TED БП493
Storage platform YY БП494
Shelf- stand 1250х750х300 (with capacity 3,5 t) БП495
Подставка под оборудование 800х800х300 (with load capacity 3,5 t) БП496
The container for the main coils and additional poles БП497
Table builder 1500х750х900 БП498
The container with compartments for bearing shields TED БП499
A container for storing hardware БП500
A container for storage of container hatches БП501
Shelf- rack anchor TED БП502
Shelf- stand the rotor of the main generator БП503
Container bearing TED БП504
Rack for disassembly and assembly of the anchor 1000х750х700 БП505
The container for the sections of the anchor БП506
Container for textolite wedges БП507
Stand the anchor TED БП508
The container with compartments for core coils БП509
Pedestal under the auxiliary machines 3000х1000х1500 БП510
Pedestal under TED БП511
Stand the equipment БП512
Storage rack blanks 1500х1200х300 БП513
Shelving for storage of finished parts 1500х1200х300 БП514
Storage rack blanks 2000х650х1200 БП515
Cabinet for tools and accessories jig boring machine 1200х500х1800 БП516
Stand the equipment capacity 1t   800х800х750 БП517
Storage rack blanks 1200х600х1400 БП518
Shelving for storage devices 600х600х600 БП519
Rack vertical metal storage 800х800х800 БП520
Storage rack blanks 2100х700х150 БП521
Capacity for slag 1900х800х1500 БП522
Rack parts and assemblies 1000х1000х1200 БП523
Rack blanks 1250х500х2000 БП524
Sand box 1250х500х1150 БП525
Rack blanks 500х200х1000 БП526
Rack finished products 1250х500х2000 БП527
Stand the plant for the manufacture of gaskets with shelves 1250х500х1150 БП528
Capacity for storage of crude rubber (V = 0,8 m3) 1000х1000х750 БП529
Storage rack blanks БП530
Storage rack blanks 1250х500х2000 БП531
Wardrobe welder 1650х600х1900 БП532
Table for gas welding works 1200х750х800 (2000) БП533
Trolley for Oxygen Cylinders БП534
Mobile propane installation БП535
Rack components and assemblies 1250х500х2000 БП536
Storage Rack cutting , measuring and special tools 2000х500х2500 БП537
Metal shelving 2000х600х1500 БП538
Trolley to transport units carrying capacity 2t БП539
Hand Trolley Capacity 150kg БП540
Jack to remove the install - friction devices Coupler 200kg with Q = PB = 5kgs/sm2 БП541
Extrusion Press - fitting of bearings shields 1200h1200h2100 , N = 5 kW БП542
Stand for laying anchor БП543
Setting the cut-out wedge anchors 1500h1200h900 , N = 2kW БП544
Installation of anchor sections to rein in the grooves of DN 1600 mm, H = 900 mm , N = 3 kW , 380 БП545
The cart on the course of the railway track 1000mm БП546
Mechanized workplace for disassembling the drive motor БП547
Mast traffic light БП550
Stand for removing - fitting flame tube exhaust manifold БП551
Repair Stands and crimping the exhaust manifold БП552
Stand for inspection crankshaft БП553
Frame movement mechanism БП554
Tilter cylinder БП555
Stand for disassembly- tray assembly of diesel engine with a distribution mechanism БП556
Stand to pump the oil pan with a distribution mechanism БП557
Stand for disassembly-assembly camshaft БП558
Press the breakup - fitting shirt sleeve cylinder БП559
Stand for disassembly-assembly of pistons БП560
Extrusion Press - fitting guides cylinder cover БП561
Stand for crimping cylinder cover БП562
Rack crankshaft БП563
Roll exhaust ventelyator for welding БП564
Workplace for the repair of water and oil pumps БП565
Tilter main generator БП566
Hydraulic press ( force 30t ) БП567
Transport trolley БП568
Hydraulic cylinder БП569
Skatopodemnik rack БП570
Extrusion Press - fitting of bearings ( c) shield (s) traction motors type 2TE10M , TEP60 BP571 БП571
Welding table with a ventilation system БП572
Setting to change the absorbing devices БП573
Machine for grinding of the spool valves driver БП576
Stand for crimping cylinder heads diesel 14D40 БП577
Press Extrusion of rubber and metal sleeves of the heads of hydraulic dampers БП578
Hydraulic press complete with those БП579
Hydraulic press outdoor effort 20t БП580
Пресс гидравлический в комплекте с тех. оснасткой для ремонта эластичной передачи БП581
Hydraulic press complete with those . snap to repair elastic transmission БП582

Stand for crimping cylinder diesel engine sets D49 BP582 The moving locomotives TEP70

Stand for molding and Troubleshooting refrigerator and heat exchanger pressure improvers БП584
Hydraulic press БП585
Stand for crimping heat exchangers БП586
Stand for determining the tightness of bearings БП587
Production tools for recovery Triangel БП588
Tilter for turbochargers CTK БП589
Hydropress БП592
Stand cleaning valves БП593
Stand for repair turbocharger rotors CTK БП594
Swarf БП595
Automatic spray booth wheelsets БП596
Stand for testing springs locomotives M62, 2M62 БП597
Stand for running gear and hydraulic fan locomotives M62, 2M62 БП599
Wrench nuts shpintonov БП600
Installation for inspection sleeves БП601
Mechanized workplace for disassembling the main generator БП602
Trolley - turner ( jib ) БП603
Table setting flaw БП604
Tilter gear БП605
Hoists two БП606
The lift frame БП607
Stand for the break-in oil pumps (gear unit diesel trains DR1A , DR1P ) БП609
Stand for running water pumps ( diesel 14D40 ) БП610
Tilter the core of the main generator БП611
Tilter anchors the main generator БП612
Drum peskosushilny БП613
Trolley rail-mounted ( track 1000mm , capacity 4t ) БП614
Tilter the core of the main generator БП617
Stand for control and sorting spring БП618
Tilter compressor KT6.1GB БП619
Apparatus for compressing and changing the friction devices БП620
Workplace for the repair of diesel engine cylinder covers CME3 БП621
Stand for pickup box bearings locomotives CME3 БП622
Installing loosening nuts vertical transmission diesel 10D100 BP623 БП623
Stand for disassembly , assembly and pressure testing exhaust manifolds 2- БП624
Tool for testing tightness of the liner БП625
Stand for valve grinding N = 2kW, 2000х1500х2000 БП626
Universal Stand for decompression valve springs 1250х1000х500 БП627
Press for pressing and pressing an shirts cylinder liners of diesel 1A БП628
Tilter for assembly and disassembly of a cam N = 2,5 kW , 2000х2500х1500 БП629
Tilter connecting rod and piston diesel 1A БП630
Tilter for assembly and disassembly of the gear N = 2,5 kW, 900х600х900 БП631
Tool for crimping cylinder diesel engine sets D49 БП632
Device for setting the locomotive grebnesmazyvatelya SPP12 5 БП633
Metal storage rack БП635
Metal table 1200х750х850 БП636